10 Money Saving Tips for College Students

The cost of going to College can be extremely big and can impact on not only the students life but their families as well.  There at the tuition fees, school stationery requirements, textbooks and also the cost of extra curricular activities and everyday living.  So everyone is looking for ways to save money without giving up their lifestyle.  We’ve listed 10 Money Saving Tips for College Students below:

  1. Make a list of your daily expenses. This would guide you on how you will spend your money wisely.
  2. List only those important and needed things at school and if you’re living in a dormitory only those necessary things.
  3. Be picky about the programs you choose to take on, only take on the ones that are going to benefit you.
  4. When choosing where to obtain your textbooks, look into used textbooks or renting textbooks to save you money. You can rent textbooks for just a semester or sometimes even shorter, so if you only need a textbook for a short time then this is a good option and will work out cheaper in the long run.
  5. Other ways if you can just find post-grad students that are willing to let you borrow or share resources that you could use at school.
  6. Try to find a part time job. This would help you out with your expenses but make sure it fits your schedule and you’re able to still focus on your study.
  7. Keep a budget and if you are looking at purchasing something, apply the rule if it’s over $100 you must sleep on it first.  This way you will have time to decide whether you really need it or not.
  8. DON’T get a credit card.  Only spend what you already have!  This way you will stop yourself from overspending and getting yourself into trouble.
  9. Once you have finished with your textbooks, sell your textbooks with one of the buyback schemes, such as Amazon.  You can get back a good percentage of your purchase price with textbooks in good condition.
  10. Stay on campus, there is always activities going on on campus, make the most of these activities that are usually low cost or free and can be great fun too.  You might also meet some new people outside of your current circle of friends.
College is meant to be a time of fun, so try and enjoy but watch your spending.  If you’re sensible about what you spend on you will have a great time and not miss out on a thing.