10 Tips For Your Freshman Year

tips for freshman year, freshman tipsReady for a new environment? A new set of friends? More homework, projects, school activities, parties, more challenging stuff and more stress? Well, got it all here and we call it – College Life!  But we want to make it easy for you, so we’ve come up with 10 Tips for your Freshman year.

Adjusting to a new environment is not easy. Adjustments starts not only when you enter your room on the first day but it all begins at the time you decide where you want to be educated and get you ready for the career you want. A lot of changes will happen and If I were you – know what you have to do and check out tips to get you through the Freshman Year.

Below are basic tips that could help freshman like you to survive and adapt in the college community.

Go to all orientation classes. Orientation classes will equip you with information you needed regarding school policies, facilities, activities and other important things you will need to be open eyed about.

Get Organized. Check out your class schedule, the time and the room of its respective subjects. This would aid you to become more efficient in using your time at school. Get your things ready beforehand like your textbooks, id, notebook and pen. Decide whether you want to buy new or used textbooks or rent textbooks for the year.  You can save yourself significant money, buy renting textbooks just for the semester you need them for.

Find the ideal place for you to study. Find a place within the school grounds where you feel comfortable to have your study time.

Go to class. Attendance is a must. You go to college to be educated, so you must attend your classes so that you can get the most from your college time.

Meet with your professors. This would help you get some tips or advice on whatever problems you may have. As we all know, professors may become your second parent at college.

Get involved on campus. There are many extra-curricular activities available at College.  These are great for getting to know new people and developing our social life in a more relaxed environment.  Get yourself involved in campus events, if you’ve got something that you’re really good at like singing or performing you could find a group and join up with like minded college students.

Strive for good grades. Not too many extra-curricular activities, you need to balance your social life with your study life.  Pay attention to your ultimate goal, to have good grades that would make your parents proud moms and dads.

Take advantage of the study resources on campus. We all pay for what we should use at school. It’s part of your fees thus you must utilize all of it. You may also get resources that would not cost you a lot such as cheap textbooks at your school facilities.

Stay healthy/Eat Right. Keeping your body healthy and rested will help your perform much better in College.  Eating healthy food and getting regular exercise is key to succeeding at College.  Healthy Body means Healthy Mind.

And most of all have fun!  If you go to college and be yourself, go with a smile on your face and work hard, you will succeed.  Good luck in your Freshman year!