5 Quick Ways to Make Some Cash in College

College moneyFor the majority of college students, pursuing a degree means low cash flow. It’s no secret that colleges have hiked up tuition fees. That coupled with the fact that housing is always expensive near campus makes it very hard on our wallets.

And let’s face it, we all have to eat. Unless you want to live on Ramen and oatmeal every day of the week, consider these simple ways to increase that cash flow in order to splurge on a luxurious bagel and cream cheese once in a while.

Here are 5 ways to make some cash in college:

1. Sell Your Books

Books are expensive. Period. If you’re going to buy your college textbook, you should try to sell it back. Whether you bought it new or used, you can always make something back on the books you know you’ll no longer need.

Moreover, you’re making space and getting rid of materials you never want to look at again. Try to sell the books back as soon as you’re finished with them. Remember, you don’t need to wait until spring semester comes to a close to sell your books back. You’re likely to get more cash back if you enter that ISBN number sooner rather than later. Book publishers are always coming up with new editions, so the older ones become less valuable.

Try our price comparison site to find the best websites for selling your books back. You can also visit the one-stop shop (located on the right side of the blog) and enter multiple ISBNs at once.

2. Sell Your Canscollege money

Ah, an oldie but a goodie. While we in no way condone under age drinking, many college students are over 21 years of age and drink plenty of beer. In cans. Because it’s cheap. Why not collect them and take them to one of those supermarket machines once a month? By the way, you don’t have to just drink beer to do this. Remember to keep all of your soda cans as well. Your apartment might look like a recycling facility at the end of the month, but hey, at least you’re getting a return on your extracurricular activities.

3. Get a Job

While this isn’t the quickest and effortless way to make money, it’s an honest way to earn some pocket change. Consider getting a job on campus. Campus employers are typically the most understanding when it comes to asking for time off to study for an exam. And, you can probably schedule just a few hours of work at a time, as opposed to the normal 8 or 9 hour shift.

You might also want to consider a website like Care.com. This site helps you find odd jobs, like pet sitting, babysitting, tutoring, etc. It’s like any job seeking site; however, it is tailored to domestic work. You can enter in your hours and days of availability, and the site notifies you of potential jobs in your area.

If you have exceptional academic talents AND are responsible, tutoring might be a great option. You don’t necessarily have to tutor other college students. You can get some cheap business cards made and visit local elementary, middle and/or high schools to distribute them to the teachers. After you get one or two students, the word spreads about you and finding more students gets easier and easier. Depending on what you are tutoring, frequency, your location, etc. you could ask for anywhere between $20 and $60 per hour.

college money4. Sell Your Clothes

Well, not all of them, just the ones you no longer wear. This can be a big money maker depending on how impulsive of a shopper you are. I knew so many girls in college that would purchase on a whim. As a result, at least a quarter of their clothes still had price tags on them at the end of the year.

If you don’t wear something in over nine months, it’s safe to assume that you can live without it. So why not find a thrift shop and sell back your threads? Warning impulsive shoppers: You might find yourselves clamming for more goods to fill your closet, but remember you’re there to sell back clothes you don’t wear. If you don’t trust yourself, rely on the buddy system. Take a friend who hates shopping and you’re golden. You’ll be in an out of there in no time.

6. Hold on to Change

Guys, especially, hate to carry around loose change. Unless they carry around a man purse. There’s plenty of change room in a man purse. But if you don’t like the jingling in your pocket, take the change home, save it in a jar, and roll it into those fun little bank rolls once a month.

This is actually a painstakingly annoying thing to do, but you’d be surprised at how quickly those cents add up to dollars. If you really want to save here and there, pay in bills only, collect the change, and add it to the jar. I did this and ended up depositing the money into my bank account, but in hindsight, I should have treated myself to a nice dinner once in awhile. I mean, a girl can live on Ramen for so long.

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