8 websites for cheap textbooks and college students

1. Cramster: Cramster.com is a community of professors and students that get together to solve all sorts of problems for virtually any college subject.  More particularly, they solve homework issues. Cramster makes it possible for users to post the questions they have and enables other users to respond and answer those questions. Not only that Cramster hosts a vast selection of college textbook solutions and issue solving methods for every question. Rest assured that your questions will be answered as users are rewarded “Karma” points for their capability to correctly answer your question. This reward system makes it possible for those with excellent Karma to redeem gifts like backpacks, iPods, iPads, and even laptops. It is a paid service but you can use it no cost if you just want to look at the even numbered questions and solutions. In my opinion it is worth each penny and a lot more.

2. RateMyProfessors: Want to know if your professor sucks before the first day of class?  Do a search on this website to see if your fellow college students have liked your potential professor.  If you don’t research your college teacher, like buying textbooks cheap online, chances are you’ll end up stuck with the college professor that nobody wants  Obvious signs of a poor professor: his/her class filled up last even though it’s at 2pm on a Wednesday, past exams are not available, or his/her past students randomly twitch from the being overloaded with homework. RateMyProfessors is an essential web site that permits students to rate practically each and every college professor for Overall High Quality, Helpfulness, Clarity, Easiness.  Use the college professor that has the best college student reviews to help ensure you have a great classroom experience.

3. RentScouter.com: The Wall Street Journal and CNN have both run numerous stories and articles about how textbooks are one of the most outrageously priced items that college students purchase.  What else does the WSJ, Clark Howard, and CNN agree upon?  Both think RentScouter.com is one of the best ways to save money by searching to buy cheap textbooks and compare selling textbooks for cash.  Whether you are looking to rent college textbooks online, buy new textbooks cheap, or selling textbooks online for cash RentScouter.com will help you get what you need fast and easy.  They also have student reviews of companies to help make sure they are legit and pay as advertised, plus you can check out the companies to see if there are complaints at the Better Business Bureau.  I highly recommend this website to find textbooks online or figure out where to sell used college books for cash.

4. CitationMachine: One of the most time consuming and tedious parts of writing a study paper is correctly citing your sources. These days, plagiarism is of huge concern to numerous professors and several of them insist on proper formal citation of analysis sources to alleviate the anxiety of having to deal with harboring students that plagiarize. For the student, this indicates a lot more time and work invested into each and every and each and every college paper. Even so, you can drastically cut the time and work it takes to correctly cite with Citationmachine.net. This site will cite for you. All the user has to do is input the details and the application will generate a citation in whichever format chosen. Whether or not it be MLA, APA, Turabian, or Chicago CitationMachine can do it and it’s all for free of charge.

5. WolframAlpha: This is an really powerful on the internet application that is speedily becoming a leader in the realm of online information engines. The website is easy and intuitive to a degree. It allows users to input troubles and then generates answers to those problems. Enable me to repeat and emphasize that IT SOLVES YOUR Problems. Math, statistics and data analysis, physics, chemistry, materials, engineering, sports and games… the list goes on and on. In truth it boasts a list of 30 particular topic tutorials that give you examples of how to ask questions for each and every topic. I urge college students who want assist solving their college difficulties to check out this totally free website.

6. GradeFund: A ought to for any college student who struggles with finances (all of us). Gradefund is a social networking internet site that lets sponsors (no matter whether it is your family, buddies, or corporate sponsors) connect with students. The sponsor will then pay the student for achieving their grade goals. So you essentially get paid to get very good grades. Getting started is basic. 1. Generate your account, 2. Invite Sponsors, three. Upload Your Transcript, and four. Get Paid. The site is fully free of charge except for a five% transaction fee when receiving funds. You won’t get rich performing this but it will at least support you pay for your textbooks and tuition next semester.

7. InternshipRatings: If you are at the point of your college career where you will need to commence searching to the future then I highly recommend hitting up this web site. The best way to lay the groundwork for a successful commence in any business is to intern at a leading company. Not only does it show your capacity to dedicate your time and effort to a firm for little to no reward, it also permits interns to network and build essential connections in the business and supplies tons of expertise. Internshipratings.com permits users to browse by way of a range of firms and then gives you a user rating of the quality of the internship opportunities that business provides. Narrow down your search by location, market, or organization name and get an thought of what opportunities are in your future.

8. Collegeizer: This is a blog where they regularly supply suggestions and assist to college students and attempt to give them the tools to get “collegeized”. I am very proud of collegeizer.com and invite all students who want to make the most of their college expertise to come check us out and leave some comments. The internet site contains some of the details supplied above and a lot much more, so join us and stay on leading of the current and upcoming tools available to make our college lives a bit less difficult.


  1. Dave Radcliffe says:

    Have you considered the privacy implications of allowing advertisements which would collect information on students?I think that this is the wrong direction. I don’t want cheap textbooks. I want free open source textbooks, and I think it will happen in the near future.

  2. HealthyJoe says:

    Rent College Textbooks for Less with a Coupon for Chegg

  3. infiniti1113 says:

    I would definitely try half.com, ebay, and amazon. I got my textbooks at half.com, but the sweet thing about RentScouter is that it compares the prices for all these websites so you don’t have to search them individually.

  4. Great tips, living in college can be difficult, especially when your broke.

    My response is specifically to #5 though

    I used eCampus.com last semester for my textbook rentals and eBooks, the 2 newest and cheapest ways to get textbooks.

    Here is a coupon code i used last semester to get my books 5% off : GOLDFISH

  5. I rented a book from eCampus. $43 plus tax. Thought I had a good deal. The book arrived, dog-earred and well worn – I figured that was just part of the rental book experience. During normal study wear & tear, the flimsy paperback cover came off the book. eCampus forced me to pay FULL REPLACEMENT COST. So, I paid them $116 (+ tx) for a worthless textbook. Great deal for them – whoever had it last has to buy them a new book. I spoke with a supervisor – no understanding, no mercy. Words of advice – if you get a worn book, call and demand a better copy.