College tips: How Much Money Will I Need for College?

It is no secret that college is expensive.  However, it is important to remember that students have to pay for much more than just tuition. The best way to know how much you need for your college education is to have a list of all your expenses. You can organize them into groups to have […]

College Tips: 5 Quick Tips To Land a Job This Summer

Because companies nowadays are after more “just in-time” hiring choices, the summer hiring season appears brighter for new school graduates that are still buying a job. What is “Just in Time”? Just in Time is a concept by which most businesses or companies are into hiring individuals whom they need Now rather than the skilled […]

College Tips: How to write an Effective College Application Essay

Your essay reveals something significant about you that the test scores and marks can not – it’s your character. Essays allow college officers to feel and know who you are aside from showcasing your writing skills. If you’re still unknown on how to write an Effective College Application Essay, below are 8 tips that you […]

College Tips: Summer To Do List for Unemployed College Grad

A new commencement season has come and gone. Some of you got to enjoy a vacation by completing a list of to do summer activities yet others have to give up their holiday to jump up to a new job. But if you’re not into something this break you may want to get busy by […]

College Tips: 5 Things to Do After Graduation

Now you take a glimpse back in your old days in college where you had done several crazy things and as well as good ones! You just said your goodbyes to your alma mater and now getting ready to step in to the Real World, as you had prepared yourself for it. To think there […]

College News: Approval of Competency Based College

Days are designated for schools that give levels depending on the quantity of time pupils sit in a class. The U.S. Department Of Education has approved financial help for a new self-paced, online learning faculty, where pupils show proficiency, rather than make credit hours in a term-long course. How is this possible? For example, instead […]

College Tips: Moving out of College, what to do with good stuff?

Near the end of school year college students have to prepare for a lot of things. These include the final exams cramming, planning where to head up this summer vacation, job hunting and of course the moving out plans. There will be a lot of stuffs that I’m sure you’re taking with you when moving […]

College Tips: Why your College application got rejected?

Let’s face it! There are only 2 sides of the coin – you got rejected or happily accepted. Admissions are deemed for reviews following your entrance test results and other significant things you have done during your high school years. Might as well it includes any achievements you have. In short, it’s all about you […]

College Tips: College Checklist for Seniors

You are finally planning to answer the query that well-intentioned family, neighbours and total strangers have been requesting you for what seems like years: Where are you heading to college? Counting weeks to that May 1 National Selection Day  successfully demands that you make one of the more significant decisions of the entire college research […]

College Tips: College Applicants Are Still Accepted

For the past weeks, freshmen and even transferees are busy heading up to complete numbers of requirements for their college applications to insure that they will have a spot. Starting this month, results for final admissions are soon to be posted yet some students are still looking for institutions to apply. Undecided or not satisfied […]