College Tips: College Checklist for Juniors

Spring is here, and with it is the conclusion of the school year. Before your summer commences, juniors, it’s important to lay the basis of an organized admission procedure in the fall. For you to be guided with your college application, below is a college checklist for juniors this month of April: 1.       Keep Your […]

10 Cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas for College Students

Only a week to go till Valentine’s Day are you organized? I know most college students are on a tight budget to buy presents for their loved ones but are still eager to preserve the tradition of giving gifts and celebrating Valentine’s Day this year. There are actually a wide variety of options and ideas […]

Turning those resolutions into lasting changes!

So yesterday I asked you about your New Years resolutions or goals for 2013, are they the same ones you made last year? (I know some of mine were).  But this year will be different, right?  Well it can be, if you choose it to be.  Making change in your life is hard, but it […]

Top 50 Most Popular College Textbooks

It’s that time of the Semester where everyone is buying up their College Textbooks and looking for the cheapest textbook prices around.  To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 50 College Textbooks so that you can find cheap textbooks easily, click on any of the titles to find the cheapest price […]

Welcome to 2013! What are your College Goals for 2013?

Another year is over and you’re just getting back into the swing of things about to start a new year and a new semester at College.  It’s at this time of the year that we all start reflecting on the year that was and planning forward to the year that will be. What are some […]

Deciding on a College? Top Ranking Colleges for 2013 released!

As it has been in previous years, you will find Princeton, Harvard and Williams appearing in the top 5.  But not all of us are looking to go to the top 5 Colleges.  There are many other Colleges that offer excellent tuition and facilities.  US News & World Report have released the most comprehensive overview […]

812% Rise in Textbook Prices says

According to an article published on, there has been an 812% increase in the cost of College Textbooks since 1978.  That’s phenomenal, outrunning CPI by a shocking 600% plus.   As quoted in the article “Professor Mark Perry of Carpe Diem blog has been following this bubble closely”.  You can check out Mark’s […]

College Tips: The iPhone Answer Underground

With the Internet now bringing us information at our finger tips, researching your College subjects should be easier than ever, right?  Not so, say many College students. Using the Internet for subject research can be a risky business, with the sites such as Wikipedia, Khan Academy, and Yahoo Answers full of mis Well fear […]

College Student Debt: speak to the real face of College Debt

Are you struggling with Student Debt? Over the past three decades the cost of college has risen faster than both healthcare and the rate of inflation. Students feel they have no choice other than to take out costly student loans in order to afford their education. – Source We all know that it’s becoming […]

OpenStax in Partnership with ExpertTA to bring Interactive Textbooks

Free. Interactive College Textbooks, how does that sound? Further to our post yesterday, OpenStax have just announced that not only have they released free iBooks for Physics students, but the books will also be Interactive. The partnership between Expert TA, a provider that provides online tools to help professors provide the most effective teaching and […]