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Extra Cash for the Holidays!

Running low on cash for the holidays? We know the feeling.  But don’t despair, and Rentscouter don’t want you to be broke for the holidays, there are a number of different easy ways you can make a bit of extra cash these holidays. Have you finished with your textbooks from last semester?  Are they […]

Cash for Textbooks or Amazon Textbook Buyback ?

Amazon Textbook Buyback or Cash for Textbooks – Your Best Option? It is the time of year when lots of textbook companies are hoping to buy back textbooks to sell back in the fall.  As someone endeavoring to get the highest price for your textbooks should you attempt to get cash for textbooks or try […]

Cash for Textbooks – Sell School Books for Cash

The traditional college model has always paired an on-campus bookstore with textbook purchasing. Students had little to no say in where they purchased their textbooks. Because of a lack of competition, textbook prices soared and students ended up paying substantial amounts of money for books that shouldn’t have been that expensive. Many companies on the […]