How to Buy Textbooks Online

Here is a simple video to show you how to buy textbooks online with BookRenter: 1) Search for your book, ideally do an ISBN search with the 10 or 13 digit ISBN number that can be found on the material from your professor, on the back of the book, or on the front copyright page. […]

How to extend a textbook rental

Music: Kevin MacLeod Instructions on how to extend your textbook rental at 1) Log into your account 2) On the left side click “extensions and buy outs” 3) Select the book rental you want to extend, and pick the extension period you want 4) Proceed through the check-out process to purchase your rental extension […]

How to rent textbooks on

Music: Kevin MacLeod Watch the video above to learn how to rent textbooks with 1) Navigate to the website 2) Use the search bar to find your books 3) Next select how long you want to rent the textbook 4) Click “add to book bag” and the book will now appear in your […]

Cheap textbooks are found at BookRenter

If you want to get cheap books your way, then you do not want to go hunting for them all over the city bookstores or to numerous online stores.  You will want to use a price comparison site to scour the internet to find the best cheap book price available.  However, another option available to […]

How to Return for a Refund on

Music: Kevin MacLeod You can easily return a textbook to BookRenter within 21 days of your order date for a refund. Here are the easy steps: 1) Log into your BookRenter account 2) On the left side of the menu bar click “Get Refund” 3) Select the textbook rental you would like to return 4) […]