College Fact: Benefits of having a College Degree

You commonly hear this from your parents, professional family members and other people who got an easy life with the help of having a College Degree. College these days is costly but the investment is well worth it and it will pay off in the long run.  If you are able to work hard at […]

Choosing your College Major

Settling on a Major in college is not an easy thing to do. You have to start thinking of it as soon as you have graduated from school. Some people find it easy to pick what their Major will be, but for some they are still in the process of deciding which course they might […]

Part Time Jobs suitable for College Students

Most college students opt to have part time jobs while having to study their chosen degree. Reasons for doing so varies from the students’ perspective and the situation they are in. The family may have suffered financial crisis and this forced him to pay for his own fees. A student could have the outlook of […]

4 Reasons You Should be on LinkedIn if You’re looking for a Job

LinkedIn is the largest professional online network, yet not as many college students are using it as they should. In a nutshell, LinkedIn is a business-oriented networking site. Users build their professional network by adding “connections”. The theory is that you make connections based on your existing contacts to build your network. What do people […]

6 Tips for Attending a Job Fair

The idea of looking for a job is scary for most college grads, and rightfully so. For almost 15 years of your life you’ve been responsible for one big thing: your grades. Now, you’re responsible for your student loan debt, paying bills, finding a job, and in general, being an adult. Welcome to the real […]