Cash for Textbooks – Sell School Books for Cash

The traditional college model has always paired an on-campus bookstore with textbook purchasing. Students had little to no say in where they purchased their textbooks. Because of a lack of competition, textbook prices soared and students ended up paying substantial amounts of money for books that shouldn’t have been that expensive. Many companies on the internet began offering online book sales, with reduced prices in comparison to the in school book store. This revolution led to many other ways to get the most cash for textbooks.

Many students now put their used textbooks up for sale online. They enjoyed the book for one semester and now need to try and sell back school books for cash.  Hopefully, there is not a new textbook edition that has been released or the school book could now be worthless, at least at their local college bookstore. An even newer business model lets you rent textbooks from different websites. You won’t make the most money this way, but you might lose the least. Instead of spending 500$ plus dollars a semester, you might only be paying one hundred and you can pocket that difference.

There are literally dozens of different sites out there following one of these different business models and that fragmentation can sometimes make it difficult to to find the book you are looking for.  RentScouter was created to aggregate all the different textbook websites to give you the most cash for textbooks or find the cheapest textbooks. You can enter any ISBN number, title, or author name, and the website will give you a list of places that you can buy, rent, or sell the book.  One of the important things with RentScouter is that you can see student reviews of the various sell back books for cash companies and the Better Business Bureau rating for each company to help ensure you actually get your cash.

When buying textbooks online it is important that you pay attention to what edition you are buying online. Textbooks go through numerous revisions as the years go by, and having one with different problem sets than what you need for Algebra would be problematic.   Pay attention at your local bookstore because often times they just slap on a big white label claiming the book is the newest edition when it is not, they may also do this with an instructors or international edition.  Also, international versions of your textbooks do usually exist and it’s important to check to make sure they are identical to what you will need for class.  By making sure you are buying the right textbook edition you will save money and hassle by having to find the right book to buy online, or trying to return the first textbook you bought online.

Getting cash for textbooks is one of the easiest ways to save on college costs. The cost of an education is rising sharply and it can be hard to keep up. Taking advantage of every dollar saved can be the difference between staying another semester or having to drop out and go to work, so remember to sell school books for cash.