10 Tips For Your Freshman Year

Ready for a new environment? A new set of friends? More homework, projects, school activities, parties, more challenging stuff and more stress? Well, got it all here and we call it – College Life!  But we want to make it easy for you, so we’ve come up with 10 Tips for your Freshman year. Adjusting to […]

Cheap textbooks for college with free upgrades for Life

Nature, the company that created Scitable, is now entering the cheap textbooks for college market: Scitable is a free learning community mainly focused on life sciences, created by Nature that has recently launched “Principles of Biology”, a college level electronic textbook focused on biology.  Drawing upon their experience with Scitable, Nature has made this new […]

Get the Cheapest Textbooks for College

If you want Cheap Textbooks for College – Buy Textbooks Online Brand new textbooks from bookstores are expensive. If you have seen it yourself, I’m sure you’ve been shocked by the price. But even if we don’t like it, books will always be a part of our college education; and they’re a must-have when you […]

3 ways to find Cheap Textbooks for College

3 ways to Find Cheap Textbooks for College Every college student wants certain things: to get good grades, have good friends and acclimate to their surroundings well, and to save as much money as possible, which means cheap textbooks. After all – college is expensive and quite frankly, eating Ramen every night isn’t appealing to […]

Kno decides cheap textbooks answer lies in software

The Kno tablet was to be a hardware solution for cheap textbooks. As we reported in January, Kno tablet thought their unique tablet design was the answer; however, it now appears they believe the answers lies in software. They recently secured another $30 million in investment capital led by Intel Capital.  As a part of […]