Textbook Debate: Buy or Rent? Online or in Store?

According to a 2005 study by the Government Accountability Office, the price of textbooks rose six percent every year from 1986 to 2004. That is twice the rate of inflation. According to College Board, the average U.S. college student spent $ 1,122 on textbooks for the 2009-2010 academic year, a 32 percent boost from five years earlier.

In recent years numerous options have emerged to address the skyrocketing price of textbooks. Websites such as Chegg and BookRenter have emerged offering textbook rental programs. Major online retailers like Amazon and Half.com have answered with used textbook initiatives. Finally, on campus bookstores, in partnership with book retailers such as Barnes & Nobel and Rent-A-Text, have begun offering rental programs at over 1,000 college campuses.

These days students can purchase or rent books online or on campus. The rapidly growing number of options has created fierce price competition. However, a lot of the pricing information was previously unavailable. That all changed this year. In 2008 Congress passed the Higher Education Opportunity Act, which needed all college bookstores to publicly list their new, used and rental textbook prices no later than June, 2010. CampusBooks is the very first textbook price comparison web site to take advantage of this public data.

Via it’s web site, iPhone and Android applications CampusBooks enables students to compare prices and availability from over 40 of the very best-recognized on the web textbook retailers. Starting today those students will also be able to check prices and availability of books at thousands college bookstores and libraries from across the country. Students who enter their location into the CampusBooks website or use geo-targeting technology on their mobile devices can come across the closest brick-and-mortar locations where their books are obtainable.

“Students still acquire the vast majority of their textbooks at their campus bookstore,” says Jeff Cohen, CEO of CampusBooks. “We are the 1st and only textbook comparison internet site to integrate prices from these outlets. We even tell students if their book is accessible at their college library. So whether you want to buy, rent or borrow, on-line or on campus, CampusBooks provides pricing details from each achievable source of college textbooks.”

With purchase and rental, online and on campus data, CampusBooks is the most comprehensive textbook outlet. A student sitting in their dorm at Notre Dame might search for a biology textbook on CampusBooks and come across that the book is readily available to rent at her college bookstore. An additional student shopping at the exact same college bookstore may possibly not be able to afford a textbook. Using the iPhone app to scan the barcode of a book, this student may well come across that the book is accessible for free of charge at the Notre Dame library.

CampusBooks delivers students the widest selection of books whether renting or buying used textbooks. Students can simply figure out what route they want to take when they have all the accurate details in front of them.

About CampusBooks:

CampusBooks.com is a free service that searches the Web for the lowest prices on used and new textbooks.