College Tips: Choosing the best College for you!

Choosing a CollegeChoosing the college institution where you want to be educated is one of the most critical parts of preparing yourself for college. You may have considered the well known College brands but these are not always the best, some of the less know colleges are fantastic. Choosing the best college can be tough, we’ve got some tips on choosing the best college for you:


  1. Who you are and why you’re going to college. Examine yourself before starting your search. Think about yourself and your strengths and weaknesses, there are different Colleges that have different focusses.  Pick a college that has similar strengths to yourself, in this way you are more likely to enjoy your College time. Knowing what you want to get from your time at College is also important, set out some goals and achievements for the next 5 years.
  2. College Size Matters. If you are an outgoing person you might thrive in a large College environment, however if you are a bit of an introvert, you might benefit from a smaller College.  Take the size of the College into consideration, find one that fits your personality. Since college is the time for you to explore, a smaller community may be more conducive to internal exploration.
  3. Big brand College does not equal success.   Going to a well known college does not give you a guarantee that it is the best place to learn and that when you leave things will be easy. It’s not the name but the experiences, opportunities you will encounter in college which will develop, test your personal qualities and traits.
  4. Don’t get frightened by stories. Don’t pay too much attention to hearsay or news about getting admitted and rejected. If you present yourself with confidence, you will get admitted on your own merit, not on the hearsay of others.  You could ask your guidance counselor at school for more advice on what to take into a College Interview and what to expect.
  5.  Don’t get too much grounded with your expenses. You might be caught deciding between what to choose if the school you have in mind might not be possible with your finances. Remember that there are a lot of ways to get help financing your college tuition fees. You can apply for scholarships or student loans or you may have done part-time jobs. As much as possible don’t let the price of the school hinders your chosen institution.
  6. Fit in. College is a match to be made not a prize to be won. This means that you are not going to college since it’s the top of the list, or a lot of your peers will be going there too. You need to feel comfortable at the College you have chosen, so try and make sure you spend some time learning about the types of people the College attracts.Try to see the place that you might be attending for college. This will give you first hand information as to how and what the community are like and whether you fit in. Make an evaluation afterwards, this will really help you decide where you want to spend your College years.