Deciding on a College? Top Ranking Colleges for 2013 released!

As it has been in previous years, you will find Princeton, Harvard and Williams appearing in the top 5.  But not all of us are looking to go to the top 5 Colleges.  There are many other Colleges that offer excellent tuition and facilities.  US News & World Report have released the most comprehensive overview […]

Talk About College Education Now!

According to experts, parents should start talking about college during the child’s middle school or if not earlier.  It’s usually around junior and senior years of high school  when most parents and college-bound students are starting to think about college. Between SATs and ACTs, application essays and campus visits, the college submission process is indeed […]

Which Student Loan for College?

Problems in getting into college because of your finances? According to a study 65%  of students usually need some form of financial assistance for college along the way. Luckily there are financing alternatives available to assist with staggering tuition cost of most collegiate institutions within the United States. Some student loans require only that you […]

5 Tips to Obtain Scholarship Money for College

College is incredibly expensive, and tuition seems to increase constantly. Did you know (according to the College Board), that the average yearly cost of attending a four-year public school is about $8,000? If you’re an out of state student, we’re talking roughly $21,000, and if you have your heart set on a private school, you’re […]

Free college education – Audit College Classes from Ivy League Schools

Looking to get your college education for free?  These elite colleges offer a variety of programs that allow you to study and/or audit courses to learn from some of the top professors in the country and start your college education for free: 1. Yale This honorable institution has educated some of the most brilliant minds […]