College Tips: How to write an Effective College Application Essay

how to write an effective essayYour essay reveals something significant about you that the test scores and marks can not – it’s your character. Essays allow college officers to feel and know who you are aside from showcasing your writing skills. If you’re still unknown on how to write an Effective College Application Essay, below are 8 tips that you should follow:

Start with Brainstorming

Starting the essay could be the toughest part. Defining your strengths and brainstorming about your character characteristics is a great spot to start.

Create your Fist Draft

Do not be worried about making it perfect. Create a plan to arrange your essay and determine where you need examples to appear once you have collected your notes. Errors and enhancements of your the writing will be done in later drafts.

Know the 3 essay parts

Introduction: A one paragraph that introduces your essay.

The Body: This is where you will explain your idea and best to give concrete examples.

Conclusion: This summarizes your whole essay. One paragraph will do.

Be precise

Give your essay focus by determining the way the question relates to your personal characteristics and then taking a particular angle. You don’t want to get the college officers confused about your personality.

Be Sincere

Write what you have personally experienced! Avoid being tempted to write what you believe the admission officers desire to hear. Nothing will get wrong if you just  tell the truth.

Use your Own Voice

Don’t rely too much on popular phrases to start your essay. Be creative and original, in this way you will be given an impression that you can an independent person. Experiences are the best to use.

Corrections and Proofreading

Firstly, proofread it yourself, check for grammar and spelling errors then correct it. Secondly, ask someone to proofread it as well. You might got the whole essay correctly but at times, writers overlooked their mistake and take it as an ‘ok’ which in reality they are not. Better to ask for more help. It’s for free.

Let someone criticized your draft

Ask anybody to read your draft and be open to comments and suggestions. You might get other helpful tips that would make your essay more effective, importantly more YOU!