cuStudent Lending Unveils Private Student Loans with Zero Origination Fees

CU Student Lending, LLC, a credit union service organization (CUSO) that developed and manages the cuStudentLoans private student loans program, today announced the launch of its 2011 EdAccess Private Student Loans that capabilities zero origination fees to the borrower.

The new loan item, which debuted officially on May 1st, will be offered to all qualified student borrowers for the 2011-2012 academic year. The choice to get rid of the origination fee comes at a time when student borrowers are faced with escalating tuition costs nationwide, producing a widening funding gap in order to finance their education.

Providing credit union members and their families private student loans product with zero origination fees, particularly throughout a time with dramatic increases in tuition expenses, is some thing that is really important to us,” mentioned Tom O’Shea, Chairman of CU Student Lending, LLC. “This is just another borrower benefit that makes the cuStudentLoans program, and in certain the EdAccess Private Student Loan, among the very best in the business for students looking for assistance in their education financing.”

The cuStudentLoans program, which at present serves a lot more than 100 participating credit unions, utilizes common underwriting and pricing in its EdAccess Private Student Loans.  Zero origination fees will help parents and students preserve their existing cash reserves for immediate needs while deferring the costs and financing of college till later over the years.

Combined with possibly saving even more money if one rents books online for college, thousands can be saved, with this alternative student loan program.



  1. mickiinpodunk says:

    By the sound of things, you aren't going to be allowed to get any more money from the state at least. You can probably still take out loans through a bank, but you may want to talk with the financial aid department at your school and explain the situation. They may be able to give you some options.

  2. collegeloanconsultant says:

    The cost of everything has gone up since the time that Pell grants were started. The only consistent thing about college costs is that the government feels that families and not individual students should be responsible for them. For a while, private student loans filled the tuition gap and parents resigned themselves to cosigning. Now that most of these lenders are gone, families are forced to use parent college loans to make up the gap. So they are directly responsible for the bills and they better have a way to make these payments without eating into their main income.