How To Deal with Unexpected Things In College

Unexpected Things in CollegeIf you’re in your Freshman year things can be a little daunting at College, your in a new environment with lots of new people and routines to learn.  So there is sure to be unexpected things that will happen in college.  It’s the way that we deal with these unexpected things that makes us the person we are and will usually make us stronger.

Fortunately for you, there are many resources and help centers setup to support you through your College life.  We’ve got a list of ideas and tips that will help you deal with unexpected things in college.

Here’s How:

  • Go to your university resource centers. If things occur that are  beyond your control always seek help from your university resource center as soon as possible. These may have to be the counseling center, guidance counselors, academic support services, financial aid office, your deans or advisers. Don’t be too shy to go to them since they are there not only to educate you but also to help you out during hard times.
  • Ask for help. Sorting out your priorities when unexpected things in college arise can be a good way to feel more in control of the situation. This will help you handle things better.  Unexpected things such as illness, financial crisis or family issues can happen at any time and sometimes you need to rearrange your life so that you can see the clear way on how to solve it. Have a little time on your own to think of the things you needed to fix and the things you need to prioritize in life. Once you are clear with what you need to focus on, ask your friends and family for help.  When unexpected things happen, our family and friends are the most important people to include in your decision making.
  • Reflect on possible options. A lot of us want to come up with an instant solution as soon as possible. When problems pop up, decisions that are commonly made can sometimes be spur of the moment decisions and they may not always be the right decision. Sometimes we need to take some time to consider the possible options that are available to us as the first option may not always be the best and could result in further stress. Write down your options on paper so that you can see them and think them over before making a decision. This will help you handle unexpected things in college and will make it easier to resolve the problem.

College life is bound to be a roller coaster ride, and unexpected things will happen, just remember it’s the way we deal with them that makes us a better person.  Don’t shy away from your problems, ask for help and address them when they occur.