How to Buy Textbooks Online

Here is a simple video to show you how to buy textbooks online with BookRenter:
1) Search for your book, ideally do an ISBN search with the 10 or 13 digit ISBN number that can be found on the material from your professor, on the back of the book, or on the front copyright page.

2) Once you have selected your textbook, pick your textbook rental period

3) Hover your mouse over the book back, and click “check out”

4) Log-in to your BookRenter account or create a new one

5) You do not have to enter your school information to buy textbooks online

6) Please you enter your shipping address to ensure it is correct

7) Pick your textbook rental period, and remember you can always extend or even purchase your book later if you desire

8) BookRenter allows you to rent textbooks online by paying with a variety of methods including all major credit cards.

9) Once your order is completed, you will be sent an email confirmation

10) Congratulations, you have just rented your textbooks online quickly and easily with

Not sure why you should rent textbooks instead of buying used textbooks online?  Search our textbook blog for answers, but briefly:

a) When you rent books, your costs are fixed.  You know exactly what you are going to pay for the book for a specified time.  If you buy a used textbook, you know the purchase price, but there are no guarantees what sort of textbook buy back price your are going get.

b) There are no guarantees a used textbook or a textbook rental will come with required media like CDs or DVDs; however, you can usually purchase these items separately and with the money you save still come out way ahead over buying a new textbook at your college bookstore.

c) Another advantage of renting is that most companies have anywhere from a 14 to 21 day “Any Reason” return policy so if will not be stuck with an unwanted textbook if you have drop the class early or your professor goes crazy and changes the required reading on the first day of college.


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  2. Rent Textbooks says:

    Hi Blaser,

    Thanks for your comment. We have numerous blog entries on the site talking about buying vs. renting, but I amended the article to include a few basic points to think about when buying textbooks online vs. renting textbooks for college.


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