Overcoming Freshman Year Worries

It is usual to have fears during the first day of school, since you’re entering a new environment as a beginner. There are many things that may concern your about starting College and during your Freshman year.  We’ve been through it and wanted to share some things that can help you in Overcoming Freshman Year Worries.

Can I make it through? Am I smart enough to finish this course I have chosen? Things like this are considered to be among the first worries a student may have in mind. If he would be able to cope up with all the academics and get it through the following semesters with no failing grades. Try to get as many as references to the particular subject like textbooks.

Get to know your roommate. You may worry if you and your roommate will get along well. During the summer you will receive a letter containing information about him or her. Before College starts, make contact with them and establish a relationship via email. This way you will have some idea of their likes and dislikes, interest etc’s  and will lessen the jitters of meeting a stranger.

Go to orientation. This will indeed help you and will provide you  with all the informations you need to get familiar with the institution. Commonly handouts or handbooks are given to freshmen as a means to guide them throughout their stay in the university.

How to manage money? Before heading up to college have a talk about your budget with your parents and how to handle your money wisely. Be attentive to every purchase you make. Think about ways you can save money such as getting cheap textbooks by buying second hand or renting, cheaper meals and also cheaper fun. If you can leave your car at home to avoid the cost of filling the tank and maintenance.

Is this place safe? You might be worried about living out of home and away from your parents for the first time.  You can make yourself feel more secure by getting well acquainted with the layout of the university.  Know what the security numbers are have them posted in your room somewhere easy to find so that you feel secure should something happen.  Carry out safe practices when walking around the campus at night, by trying not to walk alone and avoiding walking late at night.

You’re going through a big change, give yourself time to adjust, ask your Professors for help if you need to and keep in close contact with your parents.  College can be a wonderful place and is the beginning of your adult life, enjoy it!