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Interested in getting cash for cell phones, cash for laptops, or cash for your electronics?

RentScouter has partnered with Gazelle, a leader in the industry to recycle electronics.

Gazelle is used by hundreds of thousands of people to reduce toxic landfill waste while putting cash in your pocket.

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Sell Electronics for Cash

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If you recycle electronics you will not only get cash, but help out our environment.

An important word from Gazelle about what they do with your electronic devices:

Most electronic devices we receive from consumers (cell phones, laptops, game consoles, etc), retailers and manufacturers are refurbished so they can be repurposed and reused. This reduces the amount of raw materials needed to manufacture new products and helps to conserve our natural resources.

Substances found in consumer electronics include such dangerous waste as arsenic, lead, cadmium, and beryllium which have a high risk of leeching into water sources, polluting the air, and contaminating the soil if disposed of improperly. It is estimated that over 100 million mobile phones are tossed into landfills each year, representing a tremendous risk to the environment and to our health.

Of course, that's just mobile phones. When you add in all the other personal electronics (nearly all of which have batteries) the problem becomes much worse.

We hope that you have seen or read the news stories about unscrupulous recyclers who ship hundreds of thousands of pounds of electronic waste (old laptops, cell phones, computer monitors, and more) to third world countries to be broken down using methods that are hazardous for the workers and for the environment.

At Gazelle, no electronics device will be exported for recycling.

You can read more about our environmental policies here