Pick the best college textbooks

These days, the average student spends over $1400 per year on textbooks, that is a large amount of money for something that you are more than likely only going to use for a semester or maybe a full year.  These days there are many options for obtaining your college textbooks.  You could stick with the […]

Benefits Of Buying Textbooks Online

There is a change of trend when we talk about buying books from a conventional store.  A number of people are now on the web to shop for their favorite book and the main reason for this change is the benefits of shopping online over a conventional book store. There are many benefits of buying […]

10 Money Saving Tips for College Students

The cost of going to College can be extremely big and can impact on not only the students life but their families as well.  There at the tuition fees, school stationery requirements, textbooks and also the cost of extra curricular activities and everyday living.  So everyone is looking for ways to save money without giving […]

10 Tips For Your Freshman Year

Ready for a new environment? A new set of friends? More homework, projects, school activities, parties, more challenging stuff and more stress? Well, got it all here and we call it – College Life!  But we want to make it easy for you, so we’ve come up with 10 Tips for your Freshman year. Adjusting to […]