Rent Textbooks Online And Save Your Beer Money

How to rent textbooks online is a question many are asking themselves in the quest for cheap textbooks.

Renting books online has been a growing trend over the past several years not only because of the rising cost of textbooks, but also with the worsening economy.  Anyone that has recently attended college, or knows someone that has, can certainly tell you about the rising costs of getting a higher education.  Various reports state that the typical college student spends around $800 on new and used textbooks each year.  How did the ability to rent textbooks online begin?

Rent Textbooks Online

Save Money: Rent Textbooks Online

Some frustrated students decided to try and do something about the high costs of textbooks.  Out of this dilemma textbook rental companies were born like Chegg and BookRenter. Over the years, these companies have made the process to rent textbooks online streamlined and easy.  Despite the ease of renting books online, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Get the exact ISBN your professor requires for class, not just title and author because often there are old editions of the same title and author textbook.
  2. Ask your professor if there are any required supplemental materials (CDs, DVDs, InfoTrac, etc) as most used textbooks will not always have these supplemental materials.  If these materials are required see if you can buy them separately as often a used book and new access code will still be much cheaper compared to a new textbook.
  3. Always read the terms and conditions of whichever textbook rental company is offering you the best price.  Each company has different policies regarding length of rental, marking in the rental book, rental length extensions.
  4. Many companies that allow you to rent textbooks online have multiple day unconditional guarantees, but try and make the best decision before the book arrives in your hands.

When trying to decide whether to buy textbooks online or rent them, keep in mind renting a textbook is generally a fixed cost.  However, if you buy a new or used textbook you will be able to sell back your textbook when you are finished.  There is no guarantee you will get any cash when you sell back school books, but you should use a rule of thumb of 20% of purchase price on older editions and 50% on newer editions.  If you want, textbook rentals are generally available for purchase at the end of the rental term.

You can do whatever you want with the money you save if you rent textbooks online as it has the potential to save you up to 70% off the purchase price of buying a textbook at your local school book store.

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  1. fathermocker says:

    If you get an e-reader that’s compatible with EPUB (most of them, except for the Kindle), you can rent books at your local library using the Overdrive system. So you get to read a lot, don’t spend any money, and can even download the books from your house. Cool, huh?

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