Renting Textbooks vs Buying Textbooks

Should you Buy or Rent your college textbooks?  Well you need to weigh up the options that you have available to you.  If you buy them, you can always make some money back and sell them later.  If you rent them, then you can rent them just for the time that you need them, saving money upfront and breaking down the cost of the book over a number of months.  These are the things to consider when you are organizing yourself for college and deciding on the best way to get you Textbooks.

  1. The initial cost
    From this perspective, renting textbooks is usually cheaper than buying textbooks. In some instances like using that particular book for only one semester, it is really practical to just rent the textbook.  Simply rent for the time that you need it a fraction of the cost and have it returned at the end of the term. It’s still better to rent books when these are to be used for the whole semester period.
  2. Evaluate your needs
    When renting textbooks, you will need to consider your needs of the book.  Will you need it for future subjects?  If this is the case you may need to look at the cost of renting the book for an ongoing period, versus buying the book.  You may also like to consider buying a used textbook if your are on a tight budget.
  3. Which is more convenient?
    A student should also take into consideration what is convenient for them at the time.   Some of the things to consider when renting a book are, do you want to write notes in the book, can I take care of the book adequately, etc?  These are important things to consider and should be taken into consideration when deciding if renting textbooks is right for youIf you decide to buy your own books, you should also take into consideration whether you wish to sell the book again.  You will get more money for your textbooks if they are in excellent condition when it comes time to sell.