now shows buyback prices for CD, DVD, and Video Games

Thought we were baked in the sun and not working for you?  Well, today we launched a price comparison page to help you to see what those CD, DVD, or Video Games might be worth.  Let us know what you think when you try to sell video games for cash, get cash for those outdated CDs, or trade in your Disney DVDs.  Right now we have SellDVDsOnline and Amazon buying back your media, but are searching for others.


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  2. Hi there,

    I myself have worked for Game, Electronics Boutique and also ran a few indie games stores and was in charge of buying and trading at all levels.

    There, to my knowledge, is no online definitive list for the trade in values offered by Game. I think when Game bought Gamestation they altered their trade in prices to reflect what Gamestation offered. At the very least they will have combined the supposed best parts of Game and Gamestation where trade in structure is concerned.

    CEX (Computer Exchange) also buy, sell & trade games (as well as other media) and have an online system where by you can check the value offered. Although you can find the online valuation does not reflect the individual stores offerings. I expect the store offers are effected by the level of stock they hold at any one time.

    Game generally in my experience offer very little trade in value on games and even less cash per game. However this can vary and when i worked their, as a manager, i could alter the amount offered if i wanted to. So there is room for both misuse of the trade in system and also offering better values depending on the customer and the games being offered.

    Yes, its an unfair murky world where tade ins are concerned and open to too much abuse and flexibility on the part of the shop staff.

    As a general rule i would expect between £2-4 trade in older games and between £4-8 on medium age games and £8-25 on newer titles. Sports games that are not the latest are worth virtually nothing.

    i.e. Pro Evo 2008/Fifa 2008 you can buy for £1.99-2.99 most places (2nd hand). Many stores would not even trade them in now.

    Something like COD4 Modern Warfare (the first modern warfare game) still sells, even 2nd hand, for upwards of £25 due to its high popularity and therefore should get a mininum £12-22 trade in value at most places.

    Game as a rule compnay wide usually expect to sell a 'pre-owned' version of a game for £5 less than the brand new equivalent. Older titles may not fall so much into that hard and fast rule.

    Sorry i can't be more specific but as i say i don't think there is a list of values as things change daily according to new games coming out and older ones being less desirable.