Make your own money while attending College

Not a doubt that attending almost any college or university in the US is expensive. A lot of students find themselves strapped for money all the time. Whereas, the availability of campus part-time jobs can be few and far between with so many students being in the same situation. Having a source of supplementary income […]

Renting Textbooks vs Buying Textbooks

Should you Buy or Rent your college textbooks?

10 Money Saving Tips for College Students

The cost of going to College can be extremely big and can impact on not only the students life but their families as well. ┬áThere at the tuition fees, school stationery requirements, textbooks and also the cost of extra curricular activities and everyday living. ┬áSo everyone is looking for ways to save money without giving […] Offers Sell Used Books College Essay Contest is offering students the chance to win $ 1,000 worth of relief from the rising cost of greater education with the Sell Used Books College Essay Contest scholarship. Whilst a lot of students already use the internet site to sell used books at the end of the semester, wanted to do a lot […]