Make your own money while attending College

Not a doubt that attending almost any college or university in the US is expensive. A lot of students find themselves strapped for money all the time. Whereas, the availability of campus part-time jobs can be few and far between with so many students being in the same situation. Having a source of supplementary income […]

Renting Textbooks vs Buying Textbooks

Should you Buy or Rent your college textbooks? Prepares For Textbook Buyback Season

As the semester end approaches,, America’s full-service online textbook superstore, announces their expanded comprehensive textbook sell back list and increased sell back prices on thousands of titles. The online textbook buyback seasons begins as students exit classes and are looking to trade their books for needed cash. The past several online textbook buyback seasons […]

Textbook buyback comparison and improved rental price comparison

Don’t worry about the recent silence – we have been busy at work for our fans. We now offer book buyback price comparison from the best companies in the business of buying textbooks.  Not only have our staff used these companies, but we allow our users to rate them as well.  Now you can find […]