College Tips: Why your College application got rejected?

Let’s face it! There are only 2 sides of the coin – you got rejected or happily accepted. Admissions are deemed for reviews following your entrance test results and other significant things you have done during your high school years. Might as well it includes any achievements you have. In short, it’s all about you […]

College Tips: College Checklist for Seniors

You are finally planning to answer the query that well-intentioned family, neighbours and total strangers have been requesting you for what seems like years: Where are you heading to college? Counting weeks to that May 1 National Selection Day  successfully demands that you make one of the more significant decisions of the entire college research […]

College Tips: College Applicants Are Still Accepted

For the past weeks, freshmen and even transferees are busy heading up to complete numbers of requirements for their college applications to insure that they will have a spot. Starting this month, results for final admissions are soon to be posted yet some students are still looking for institutions to apply. Undecided or not satisfied […]