7 Tips to Score the Job of Your Dreams

It’s time for you to get a job. How often have you heard that sentence? It’s either a broken record in your mind, one you hear constantly from your parents, or both. If you’ve graduated and finding a “real” job has become an urgent endeavor, perhaps these tips can help. It’s your job to score […]

6 Tips to Take Control of Your Student Debts

Graduating from college is an accomplishment that you will always treasure, an accomplishment that will stay with you for the rest of your life. But somehow, there’s something bittersweet about the experience. You’ve just received your hard-earned diploma, but it’s come at a hefty price. If you’re like most people, you had to take out […]

6 Tips for Attending a Job Fair

The idea of looking for a job is scary for most college grads, and rightfully so. For almost 15 years of your life you’ve been responsible for one big thing: your grades. Now, you’re responsible for your student loan debt, paying bills, finding a job, and in general, being an adult. Welcome to the real […]