Part 2 – College Student Voting Guide: The Voting Process

With the US Presidential Election only days away now, it’s time get up to speed on what you have to do to vote and how your vote is processed.  Many people are confused by the voting process and therefore choose not to vote.  We’d like to change that and give College Students the information they […]

Part 1 – College Guide to Voting: Should You Vote?

The U.S. Presidential Election is heating up, debate number 3 has just been done and dusted and we’re turning into the final sprint to the end, November 6 is the day when the country comes together to have their say. However, according to a Gallup poll, run through May – July 2012, only 58% of […]

9 Healthy Snacks for College Students

Yesterday we talked about the ‘Freshman 15‘ and ways to avoid it, but we know it can be tough.  Because there is so much going on for college students that they often opt to buy fast food and not cook so that they can save time for other more important matters such as studying, social […]

7 Effective Tips to avoid Freshman 15

Have you heard of the ‘Freshman 15’? Rumors are spreading about the ‘Freshman 15’, does it really happen or is it a myth? According to recent studies, Freshman students were found to gain 15 pounds in their Freshman year, did you or are you putting on weight in your Freshman year?   Yet it’s not […]

Talk About College Education Now!

According to experts, parents should start talking about college during the child’s middle school or if not earlier.  It’s usually around junior and senior years of high school  when most parents and college-bound students are starting to think about college. Between SATs and ACTs, application essays and campus visits, the college submission process is indeed […]