College Tips: How to Stay Focused at College

Having a lot of things on your mind? Can’t focus on your studies, but you need to get your study notes done. This is one of the many problems or issues that a college student may encounter every now and then. FOCUS. You brain gets distracted easily most of the time, especially when you’re  tired […]

College Tips: Buying Cheap Textbooks Online

Trying to save a penny or just got out of budget to buy one of the most important supplies you need in college. The solution to this dilemma of yours is to search and buy online textbooks. But there is a lot of textbooks available online, the question is how would you get the best […]

Common mistakes College students make

You’re not a human when you don’t commit mistakes. It’s a part of being the most highly intellectual species on earth. Apart from being young, college students still have to go through trial and error process since it is their first time to get to be in their own, managing their time, money and other […]