6 Tips for Finding a Job After College

It’s incredibly challenging to find a job in today’s market. The economy is hurting, so it has become increasingly more difficult for recent college grads (whether at the undergrad or the graduate level) to find jobs, let alone those in their field. New graduates may be first in their class, but if they don’t have […]

Prestige Financial Solutions Recognizes Back to School Costs are Rising

Prestige Monetary Solutions Recognizes Back to School Expenses are Rising Whether or not you are a student returning to school or a parent sending your youngsters to school, there are costs linked with furthering one’s education. Tuition, books, supplies, housing, etc… all add up and can cause a major strain on a family’s finances. A […]

cuStudent Lending Unveils Private Student Loans with Zero Origination Fees

CU Student Lending, LLC, a credit union service organization (CUSO) that developed and manages the cuStudentLoans private student loans program, today announced the launch of its 2011 EdAccess Private Student Loans that capabilities zero origination fees to the borrower. The new loan item, which debuted officially on May 1st, will be offered to all qualified […]

Fynanz Releases “College Resource Center” to Credit Union Partners

Fynanz Releases “College Resource Center” to Credit Union Partners Fynanz, Inc., the financial technology firm that develops customized private student lending solutions and powers the cuStudentLoans.org private student loan marketplace, today announced the release of a program to syndicate its College Resource Center (CRC) to all of their credit union partners. The CRC, which is […]

CampusDoor’s Student Help Program to Offer Private Student Loans

Benchmark Community Bank announced today that it has partnered with CampusDoor to offer the CB Student HELP Smart Option Student Loan made by Sallie Mae to help their customers meet the rising cost of college while helping them graduate with less debt and pay it off faster after graduation. “With the recent regulatory changes restricting […]