Textbook buyback comparison and improved rental price comparison

Don’t worry about the recent silence – we have been busy at work for our fans.

We now offer book buyback price comparison from the best companies in the business of buying textbooks.  Not only have our staff used these companies, but we allow our users to rate them as well.  Now you can find the best price and read company reviews to sell your book with confidence.

These companies do not just buy textbooks, but also buy all kinds of books your local bookstore may not buy.

In continuing our help with the textbook rental process, we now show you prices for used, new, international editions, and even ebook formats when available for the book you are considering renting.  One can now quickly see if you should rent your book or buy it used.

We hope everyone enjoys the new functionality and as always we welcome your comments and suggestions.


  1. I love better world books. For an international buyer the shipping is so much cheaper than Amazon. I shopped with Amazon for over 8 years and brought hundreds of books off them. Not once in 8 years of buying off Amazon did I get a discount voucher. Better World Books has given me discount vouchers as a thanks for my business. I now recommend better world books to all my family and friends.

  2. Leah Driscoll says:

    I returned to to analyze their information architecture. And if nothing else, it helped me to discover that organizing a website is a huge undertaking because most companies probably have more information and pages than they know what to do with, which can make organization incredibly difficult. Anyway, with Better World Books, I realized that it was actually rather hard to figure out what their main categories were. On the home page, some categories were in bigger fonts than others, and the About Us category, which I decided was top-level navigation, was not instantly available at the top of the page, which seemed strange to me.

    I believe the site's secondary and third-level navigation is actually easier to figure out than their top-level navigation, which is a serious problem, if you ask me. I think the site manages to get away with this, though, because most users automatically go for the search bar at the top. Most people probably aren't coming by to browse by category, though it definitely happens; most people who come there probably have something in mind, and immediately type it in the search bar. And although it's not too terribly difficult to find your way around (especially if you want textbooks — links to their textbook page are everywhere), the more you analyze the organization, the weirder it seems.

  3. Yep, the Book Depository started delivering to the Philippines late last year. Better World Books used to have an international shipping fee but now it's free. Orders from both are delivered straight to your house and they're efficient when it comes to refunds when the order doesn't arrive (I've experienced that).

    Books aren't taxable, post offices should know that. I've never been taxed for the books that I pick up from the post office.