Textbook Buyback Company MyBookBuyer.com Gives Away ‘Textbooks for a Year’

Jessica Gresko

MyBookBuyer.com, a textbook buyback organization, has released the winner of the Textbooks for a Year Scholarship essay contest $ 1,250 grand prize. Jessica Gresko, a Master’s student at Georgetown University in Washington D.C., wrote an essay that has won her textbooks for a year. Runners-up Jamie-Kate Osman of the University of Delaware and Anne Lacher of the College of St. Benedict will get some support from their $ 250 awards when buying or renting textbooks.

The cost of textbooks is rising even faster than inflation, creating a financial hardship for students which is only compounded by a bad economy and a lack of jobs.  “The students come to us to sell back books due to the fact they desperately need the money to purchase books for next semester,” says Michael Der.  MyBookBuyer decided to do something to support the students who come to the site to sell textbooks for money. In the spring of 2010, the web site announced the 1st ever Textbooks for a Year Scholarship Essay Contest. The contest was designed to supply the winner with sufficient funds to acquire textbooks for an entire year and two runner-up awards of $ 250.

The Spring 2010 award was a huge success with hundreds students from across the country writing essays to try and win textbooks for a year. Ultimately, the winner was junior International Health major Danielle Goetter, who wrote about how the book ‘The Poisonwood Bible’ by Barbara Kingsolver had changed her life.  Jessica Gresko’s grand prize-winning essay discussed building schools in rural Pakistan and Afghanistan as discussed in the book ‘Three Cups of Tea.’ The essay argued that ‘health care can save a life, but only education can better the life of an entire population.’

MyBookBuyer enables users to sell textbooks for cash. MyBookBuyer is the book and textbook buyback service of Beagle Books of Northern California.  Any books MyBookBuyer can not resell are recycled or donated to Resource Region For Teachers (RAFT), a non-profit organization that offers classroom materials to teachers.