Textbook Blog is Live

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and welcome to the textbook rental blog !!

This site and blog were started with these primary goals:

  1. Host and facilitate discussion about the renting textbooks
  2. Review and discuss the various companies offering book rentals
  3. Help everyone get the absolute best book rental price on their textbook or any book

All of this will take a little time to develop on the site, but in the future we will focus on helping you get the best cheap textbooks and cash for your textbooks.  In time, we will add even more functionality to help with not only textbooks, but help you find the best price when selling CDs, DVDs, or even video games.  Furthermore, we hope to help further green the environment by finding a recycling partner for electronics to help you sell your cell phone for cash.


The RentScouter Team

P.S. We have now added a textbook buyback price comparison for when you need to sell your textbooks for cash and Better Business Bureau rankings which coupled with user ratings of textbook buyback companies should give our users the utmost confidence in deciding how to sell or buy textbooks.

P.S.S. CExchange has joined up with to help you get the most cash for your electronics without the worry of items going into the landfill, please check out the prices if you are looking to sell electronics.


  1. If only there were some place they could rent books…

  2. how many of yall rent books?

  3. rent books? sure why not. but isn't that just called a PUBLIC LIBRARY?

  4. Q & A: What is the best time to buy or rent textbooks to college?

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  6. Several web sites offer online full-texts of books that are out of copyright, e.g.
    However, aside from the copyright owner, which is almost always the author or their publisher, ANYONE who posts the text of these books online is violating both the U.S. and the International Copyright laws, infringing on Intellectual Property, and can be fined and jailed for it. (In general, anything first published within the last 52 years in the U.S. will still be in copyright. When the law was changed, it became copyright duration matched the rest of the work, i.e. the author’s/copyright owner’s lifetime plus 50 years.)
    Writers make a living by creating their work. To read or use it without paying for it, is STEALING, pure and simple.
    If the work is valuable enough to read, it should be paid for.