College Tips: College Test Taking Tips for College Students

So you’re starting college and you’re going to be taking your final or post test, quizzes and other examinations throughout the year. This is on top of  a lot of reports, practicums, projects and all other responsibilities that eat up your time and your spare time. This can all result in a lot of stress, […]

Monsoon enables more sellers to rent textbooks online

Monsoon helps expand the textbook rental market by allowing more people to rent textbooks online: Unless you have been under a rock you are probably familiar with the huge boom in students who rent textbooks online and save lots of money getting the cheapest textbooks.  However, renting textbooks to students was limited to some large […]

Parents buy college students houses to save money

An interesting trend is happening across the nation as house prices continue to fall: Parents are able to pay less for college by buying a house for their offspring versus paying the cost of a typical dorm room.  Tuition and costs of buying textbooks, even textbook rentals, is constantly increasing, so parents are seeking any […]

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