College News: Approval of Competency Based College

comDays are designated for schools that give levels depending on the quantity of time pupils sit in a class. The U.S. Department Of Education has approved financial help for a new self-paced, online learning faculty, where pupils show proficiency, rather than make credit hours in a term-long course.

How is this possible?

For example, instead of registering for an arts course, pupils are aimed to an online sources and are given the equal of arts credit by showing mastery of the content through a demonstration in a museum exhibit show.

With this new venture of the United States Department of Education, there will be a boost to all the online Educators trying their best to have a more competent students in class. Given that not only Education takes place in four corners of the room and more likely application is the best way to measure how did your students learn from you.

Innovations in Education such as this approval of competency based college is one way of making the system more flexible yet still producing highly competent individual to the community.