College Students not buying Textbooks!

1/3 of Seniors and 1/4 of Freshman Can’t Afford Textbooks

According to a study, 1/3 of College Students are not buying Textbooks for their classes because they cannot afford to buy them.  That can’t be good for their grades.   We know that the cost of going to College is getting beyond the reach of many.   Some people are spending upward of $1500 on textbooks per year and finding that some of them are not even being used.  In the current economic conditions, we need to find ways to help us save money and that’s where our Textbook Rental Comparison service comes in, we will find you the cheapest price to buy or rent your college textbooks.

Renting your textbooks can be great for your overall cashflow as you can rent on a per month or per semester basis.  Meaning that you can pay in small instalments, rather than a lump sum.   By renting textbooks you are also only renting for the time that you need it, so if you only need a textbook for one unit out of your whole course, you save yourself money by only paying for it for the time you need it.  In these instances, you might end up paying a $10 or $20 for a book that could have cost you hundreds.

When you rent a textbook you can also ensure that you are getting the latest edition of the book and if there is a change of edition part way through your course, you can simply return it and get the new edition.  This often happens and can save you ALOT of money.

Attending College courses without a textbook is hard work, you have nothing to reference later when you are not in class and you simply can’t be expected to remember everything or to be able to take comprehensive enough notes to replace a textbook as a reference item at a later date.  Make sure you are looking at all the options before considering attending a College course without the required materials, because buying textbooks outright is not the only option these days.   Check out our textbook comparison service now!