College Tips: College Applicants Are Still Accepted

application formFor the past weeks, freshmen and even transferees are busy heading up to complete numbers of requirements for their college applications to insure that they will have a spot. Starting this month, results for final admissions are soon to be posted yet some students are still looking for institutions to apply.

Undecided or not satisfied with the college offers? Don’t waste time! Good news is that college applicants are still accepted! Hurry up and get down to the list below on how you can still get an access to universities and colleges that are still accepting college applications.

Step 1: Web search for Common Applications

The simplest way to do this is to have a google search with any available colleges online. As of April 1st, some 376 colleges and 27 universities were still open for applicants.  Find these colleges at, click on Member Colleges and Universities then go to the College search and fill up the necessary fields to start the search. Instructions on how to do this is also available on the page.

Step 2: Web search for Universal Applications

This is a much easier search if you’re looking for Universities to go to college. A direct link for the list of institutions is available at

Step 3: NACAC Survey

While those resources mentioned above often don’t include local universities with their own application systems, the National Association of College Admissions Counselling (NACAC) will be releasing its 26th Annual Space Availability Survey this coming May 3, 2013.

This survey contains a list of colleges that are still open for Fall 2013 applications. Could either be freshmen or transfer admission. Students are encouraged to check the list periodically since updates of the membered schools will be posted.

Step 4: Personally visit or call the University or College

You don’t want to wait a month later to decide and see where you’re heading to college. Time is gold so therefore its better to get up and visit any colleges you like and inquire for possible openings. It is also helpful to call them and check things out. There are a lot of requirements that must be done so don’t waste any time now or you’ll be out of education opportunity!