College Tips: Moving out of College, what to do with good stuff?


Near the end of school year college students have to prepare for a lot of things. These include the final exams cramming, planning where to head up this summer vacation, job hunting and of course the moving out plans.

There will be a lot of stuffs that I’m sure you’re taking with you when moving out of college. But realizing that many of them are still in good shape and are capable of using till the next school year. Don’t worry too much, check out these moving out tips that will help you get rid of these beautiful stuffs.

Moving out Tips #1: Campus collection and Redistribution Programs

Check out some of schools and even in your college if they have these so called redistribution programs wherein they divert goods from the big piles into giving out to those students or people who can use them. Sometimes they use them to raise funds or simply donating them to charities or other local organizations that needs them.

Moving out Tips #2: Open a Free Store

Gather all your these stuffs with your fellow friends and start a Free store that is open to the community. The aim is not only to dispose the objects but as well as getting the community together to exercise the Recycling Program, having no waste and making a bond with the community.

Moving out Tips #3: Approach your Administration

This may take you too long since it requires a formal proposal, complete papers to pass to your school Administration before they can help you with it. But if granted, the wait is worth it.

Moving out Tips #4: Starting your own collection program

Another move that you may opt to choose is to start your own collection program and disposed everything else with the help of all your friends, family and others who are willing to join. Check out these good tips on how can you start your own collection program.

You may have other activities in mind on how to deal with your moving out plans,  but the main goal will always be: REUSE them. Saving money while NOT adding to a pile of wastes out there.