College Tips: Summer To Do List for Unemployed College Grad

fresh graduate-300x249A new commencement season has come and gone. Some of you got to enjoy a vacation by completing a list of to do summer activities yet others have to give up their holiday to jump up to a new job.

But if you’re not into something this break you may want to get busy by doing this summer to do list for unemployed college grad.

Get rid of the old stuff and begin with the new one. You are not little child no more! Consider what is still useful and important today at this stage of your life. Eliminate stuff you may not have to help jump-start your pseudo adulthood.

Read for pleasure. This is for those bookworms who had stopped being one due to a lot of subject requirements back in the semester and had forgotten their shelves of unopened books. You have now the chance to read them all and be fascinated again by your love novel writers.

List down your short and long term goals. I understand that you are probably stressed about the lack of direction in your lifetime, but the earlier you determine what you had like for yourself, whether in the not too distant future or more down the street, the quicker you can get going and carry out your game plan. Maybe do some charity works or volunteer for community outreach. This is a way of motivating yourself to be more determined with your life’s future.

Travel if you can. Who doesn’t love to travel and be all over good places and sights? But remember that everything should be in accordance with your budget, you don’t want to end up having debt just to go travelling.

Call your loved ones and check on them. It has probably been a little while, so reach out to-the folks you did not have an opportunity to speak to in forever. Like your grandmother, by way of example. She would loved to know from you.

You may have done some of these already during the last few months but it is also good to reevaluate yourself and get things in a fresh start. Things will not be the same as before – you’re expected to grow and experience what REAL life is! Good luck with your new chapter!