College Tips: The iPhone Answer Underground

answer underground

With the Internet now bringing us information at our finger tips, researching your College subjects should be easier than ever, right?  Not so, say many College students.

Using the Internet for subject research can be a risky business, with the sites such as Wikipedia, Khan Academy, and Yahoo Answers full of mis
Well fear no longer, Answer Underground has been developed as a learning utility and mobile application which makes it easy for students to share information through Group Questions and Answers. Answer Underground is not only available online, you  can also get and iPhone and iPad App giving you access to a wonderful student, teacher and academic community, willing to help and provide you with accurate responses or places you can go and research safely.-information you can be easily lead astray and even though you’ve spent hours researching a topic, you might be passing in work that is incorrect.

The way that Answer Underground works, is it gives you the ability to search for questions and answers in academic categories such as Math, Literature, Language, Science, History, Business, Arts, Social Sciences and many more.  You can then join existing groups or create your own group, much like a study group you would have at school.  Answer Underground also has the ability to post questions to Facebook, opening up your questions to the Answer Underground Facebook community.  Teachers and College professors also use Answer Underground when lesson planning and to also providing reliable answers to

questions and support to the student community.

Some of the main features of Answer Underground are:

• Easy sign up/registration
• Ask a question in any open group
• Join an open acad

emic group
• Like or dislike a question or answer
• See who’s joining g


• Create your academic group
• Send invites to classmates to join the group
• Get Answers texted to your phone as soon as they are posted
• Modify your communication preferences

If you’re looking to get more reliable information from the Internet, then take a look at Answer Underground.  We highly recommend it and it’s FREE!