Kaplan Publishing extends free eBook promotion

Kaplan Publishing extends free eBooks on iBookstore app

Universities rejecting the iPad for textbooks?

No, not because of the poor name, but rather because of networking stability and bandwidth issues.   I could not find much for details, but apparently several universities including Princeton and George Washington have banned the device and relayed concerns to Apple.  In typical Apple fashion they are apparently “unaware” of any issues, (personal note: […]

Lulu.com is making a run at the ebook business

Lulu.com, more recently focused on helping authors publish their own ebooks, is now making a decided push into the ebook rental market. Bob Young, head dishwasher at Lulu.com, states the following: “Beginning today, you will find more than 700,000 new titles in the Lulu Marketplace, titles as diverse as Harlan Coben’s Caught from the list […]