Textbook Giant Announces Daily “Student Sweepstakes” For The Upcoming Back To School Season Textbook Giant Announces Daily Student Sweepstakes For The Upcoming Back To School Season

Lexington, KY (Vocus) August 10, 2010, a leading web textbook retailer, launches a Student Sweepstakes giving away every day prizes to customers and students this fall to consumers renting or purchasing textbooks on the web.

As the leading textbook on the web company for college students, is offering a exclusive sweepstakes, giving away a 16GB Apple Ipad, Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect, an branded Motorized Cooler Scooter and other gifts with daily drawings. Each and every student who buys or rents a new/used textbook or etextbook for this fall semester will be entered to win.

“We are usually attempting to show our appreciation to our clients,” said Matt Montgomery, President and CEO of  “We want students to know that we are trying to maintain them from being broke. With the costs of textbooks rising, we are the very best choice for college students to get their textbooks simple, quickly and low-cost.” offers students with superb service for a broad range of college campuses nationwide. provides college and high school students the capability to rent textbooks, purchase used or new textbooks, etextbooks and a student marketplace. Students save much more dollars with simply because offers much more textbooks and textbook getting possibilities than any person else.

In addition, textbook rental allows students to cut costs significantly every single semester. Instead of buying multiple books, students can rent textbooks and send them back with totally free shipping when the semester ends. It’s straightforward, quickly and low cost.

ABOUT eCAMPUS.COM was established on July 2, 1999. Since then, has grown into a main online retailer offering cheap textbooks for college and high school textbooks.’s mission is to supply the easiest, fastest, cheapest way for college and university students to purchase textbooks, rent textbooks and sell textbooks. believes the Internet buying expertise must be enjoyable and shopping for textbooks must be as quickly and convenient as achievable. The firm makes a personal commitment to every single customer that will be the finest source for everything they want.



  1. Hey what about one of the most stressful shopping trips of all? Textbooks? I was freaking out this year because of all the books I needed. Everyone says to go online and I did. But I also went to the campus bookstore ( I go to U of T) and I actually found some discounted textbooks cheaper than even amazon. I can't even tell you how happy I was considering some of my books are over $100.

  2. Perhaps the most compelling reason to rent books is not the immediate saving but the much larger saving a student can get by reducing student loans. If you can save $500 a year renting books and therefore borrow $500 less a year, your savings will be major.

  3. All good choices. There are now a dozen major sites doing textbook rentals and over two dozen sites offering used textbooks. The key to finding the cheapest site is to use a price comparison site like RentScouter. The site does not sell textbooks, just points you to the cheapest used, lowest rental, ebook and international priced textbooks and also who has the highest buyback price.