Enhance your college student experience with Google Services

Google College Tips

Recent interns and graduates working at Google have put together College Tips by Google to help college students utilize Google Services to improve the college experience.  These college tips are broken up into three main categories:

1) Prospective College Students

This category is focused on helping anyone thinking about getting into college.  The tips start with utilizing Google Docs to create a list of prospective tools.  From there utilize Google Mail to generate a “professional” email address for the application process, using Google Maps for directions and street views, maybe use Google Product Search to find items for your eventual dorm room.  Perhaps you can find your roommate on Google+ to learn about each other before that first awkward hand shake after you found your ticket on Google’s Flight Search.  Another useful site for prospective college students is Zinch, which was recently purchased by a leading textbook rental company, Chegg.  Zinch is like LinkedIn for high school students by helping them with the admission process and finding college scholarships while creating a professional profile.

2) Current College Students

Argh, how can you possible manage everything happening at college?  Google Calender to the rescue, which you can easily share with friends, though you may prefer to handle that by creating and managing circles from within Google+.  When working on literary assignments there is Google Scholar to help find creditable sources for citation in your papers, but don’t forget perennial favorite Wikipedia.  Need to work on your group project, but it is too cold to leave your dorm room? Utilize Google+ Hangouts for a video chat similar to what is offered by long time favorite, Skype.  There are many other apps to help you find what is best around, but Google is certainly going to plug their Google Places functionality to help find your local college favorites.

3) College Seniors

Getting ready to join the real-world? Manage everything with Google Tasks and Docs, and even build a promotional website with Google Sites.  You might have been penniless for years during your college life, but don’t go too crazy when you start getting paid by implementing Google Advisor to understand and quickly compare checking accounts, credit cards, or eventually mortgages.  Don’t forget to document your final days at college with Google+ Instant upload and find your way to your new life with Google Maps.  Think you are totally awesome?  Google recommends applying to work with the big G.

Overall, the site is new and only provides basic tips, but for those not familiar with Google Services it can be very helpful.  Heck, if you think you have some useful college tips apply at Google Student Blog to possibly get featured.  Organize your life with Google Services, but don’t forget cheap textbooks or textbook rentals from your friends here at RentScouter helping you save money at college.  We can even help you find free textbooks with our growing free book resource page.