OpenStax in Partnership with ExpertTA to bring Interactive Textbooks

Free. Interactive College Textbooks, how does that sound? Further to our post yesterday, OpenStax have just announced that not only have they released free iBooks for Physics students, but the books will also be Interactive. The partnership between Expert TA, a provider that provides online tools to help professors provide the most effective teaching and […]

Inkling and Follett Higher Education Group Partner Up

Inkling and Follett have partnered up to create a digital powerhouse for college students. How? Click the link below to find out.

Will the Kno be the answer to cheap textbooks?

Will the Kno tablet prove to be the answer for cheap textbooks? Users will have to see what they think of the single and dual screen tablet.

Universities rejecting the iPad for textbooks?

No, not because of the poor name, but rather because of networking stability and bandwidth issues.   I could not find much for details, but apparently several universities including Princeton and George Washington have banned the device and relayed concerns to Apple.  In typical Apple fashion they are apparently “unaware” of any issues, (personal note: […]

CengageBrain book rental prices and information

Hey everyone, CengageBrain etextbook prices and textbook rental policies are now active on the site.  Please review the information and let me know if you see any issues.  The textbook rental review system should be working now, though I had to delete out all the old records.  Please add your feedback to help other students […]