Inkling and Follett Higher Education Group Partner Up

Inkling and Follett have partnered up to create a digital powerhouse for college students. How? Click the link below to find out.

The Background


Inkling is a San Francisco-based startup that publishes digital textbooks (and consumer titles) for the iPad. Although it is best suited for this device, it is also accessible through web browsers as well as the iPod and iPhone touch devices. Its titles include various features, including video, interactive assessments, animation, music, slideshows, and 3D models. It is a unique study tool that strives to make a comprehensive digital textbook platform a reality for college students.

Inkling products were recognized in the 2011 Macworld (TM) Editors’ Choice Awards, at which they received an Eddy award for the top software product.


Follett Higher Education Group is based out of Oak Brook, Illinois, and has blazed the trail as the top bookstore services provider in North America. Follett provides services to student and faculty members though more than 900 stores. It also offers wholesale services to independent college campus stores and is a leader among ecommerce college websites with its

Follett has made it a mission to make a college education more affordable for students with its textbook rental program, Rent-A-Text, and CafeScribe®, its all-in-one digital textbook and study tool. The company also boasts the most extensive collection of digital and print solutions.

The Story

Inkling and Follett are partnering up. This fall, Follett will begin selling “hundreds of Inkling titles” on its website and in its 900+ bookstores. It will offer the mainstream undergraduate textbook titles along with specific graduate level texts.

Students will have the option to purchase an entire textbook, or “‘Pick 3’: a cost-saving alternative that allows students to buy just three chapters for a fraction of the price of a full textbook.” The ‘Pick 3’ option is an appealing money-saving alternative for students who get assigned just a few chapters out of any given book.

While Follett will be expanding its selection of digital textbooks, this will also include offering more than 35,000 titles on CafeScribe®. Students will be able to read their purchases on either the Inkling iPad app or the upcoming web platform. Moreover, they will have the added option of purchasing the titles using either financial aid or campus cards. These purchases can be made in Follett’s stores and online through

This partnership has made Follett the largest distributor of Inkling products.

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