Kaplan Publishing extends free eBook promotion

Kaplan Publishing has decided to extend the free trail of 21 titles of various eBooks of their very successful Free Back-to-School promotion on Apple’s iBookstore.

1. Kaplan ACT Strategies for Super Busy Students
2. Kaplan SAT Score-Raising Dictionary
3. Sharp Vocab
4. Sharp Writing
5. Kaplan Portable GMAT
6. Kaplan Portable GRE Exam
7. Kaplan PMBR: Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE)
8. Kaplan PMBR Finals: Constitutional Law
9. Kaplan MCAT Organic Chemistry Review
10. Kaplan MCAT Biology Review
11. Kaplan NCLEX-RN 2010 -2011 Edition
12. Kaplan CCRN
13. Kaplan101 Algebra Practice Questions
14. Kaplan 101 ASVAB Practice Questions
15. Kaplan101 GRE Quantitative Practice Questions
16. Kaplan 101 GRE Verbal Practice Questions
17. Kaplan 101 MAT Practice Questions
18. Kaplan 101 PSAT/SAT Critical Reading Practice Questions
19. Kaplan101 Biology Practice Questions
20. Kaplan 101 SAT/PSAT Writing Practice Questions
21. Kaplan 101 GMAT Verbal Practice Question

Maureen McMahon, President and Publisher said, “The immediate response and benefits of this promotion have exceeded our expectations and we wanted to give more students a chance to try our eBooks risk-free.”

Visit www.kaplanpublishing.com/itunes on your iPad, iPod, iPod Touch, or anyway to access the iBooks app to enjoy all of these great titles for free.


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  2. Interesting take on the attraction of ebook readers to a younger demographic. Before we rush off and put the text books on these devices, analyze the research on the reading retention scores between physical books and ebooks. I believe it will be 10′s of percentage points difference.

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