Top 50 Most Popular College Textbooks

It’s that time of the Semester where everyone is buying up their College Textbooks and looking for the cheapest textbook prices around.  To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 50 College Textbooks so that you can find cheap textbooks easily, click on any of the titles to find the cheapest price […]

College Student Debt: speak to the real face of College Debt

Are you struggling with Student Debt? Over the past three decades the cost of college has risen faster than both healthcare and the rate of inflation. Students feel they have no choice other than to take out costly student loans in order to afford their education. – Source We all know that it’s becoming […]

College Students not buying Textbooks!

1/3 of Seniors and 1/4 of Freshman Can’t Afford Textbooks According to a study, 1/3 of College Students are not buying Textbooks for their classes because they cannot afford to buy them.  That can’t be good for their grades.   We know that the cost of going to College is getting beyond the reach of […]

College Tips: 8 Great To Do’s in Thanksgiving when not home for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for college students to have their much needed rest after having all grand stuffs to work out at school. Most college students opt to spend holidays with their family members, meeting up with long time friends and having some really great food at home. But there are still who can’t […]

Why Buy College textbooks online?

Did you know that on average college student spends over $1000 on textbooks per year?  That’s an incredible amount of money for books that you will probably only use for a semester or maybe two if you’re lucky! But we all need them, if you’re going to go to college unfortunately, you’re going to have […]