College Students not buying Textbooks!

1/3 of Seniors and 1/4 of Freshman Can’t Afford Textbooks According to a study, 1/3 of College Students are not buying Textbooks for their classes because they cannot afford to buy them.  That can’t be good for their grades.   We know that the cost of going to College is getting beyond the reach of […]

Nebraska Book Company to close multiple college textbook stores

Nebraska Book Company (NBC) reports they are closing at least seven “off-campus” textbook bookstores: Florida Book Store, Gainesville, FL; Chattanooga Books, Chattanooga, TN; Madison Textbooks, Madison, WI; Spirit Shop, Lubbock, TX; Traditions Bookstore, College Station, TX; The College Store, Akron, OH; and GotUsed Bookstore, Pittsburgh, PA.  The named stores are to remain open for the […]

Rent Textbooks Online And Save Your Beer Money

How to rent textbooks online is a question many are asking themselves in the quest for cheap textbooks. Renting books online has been a growing trend over the past several years not only because of the rising cost of textbooks, but also with the worsening economy.  Anyone that has recently attended college, or knows someone […]