812% Rise in Textbook Prices says BusinessInsider.com

According to an article published on BusinessInsider.com, there has been an 812% increase in the cost of College Textbooks since 1978.  That’s phenomenal, outrunning CPI by a shocking 600% plus.   As quoted in the BusinessInsider.com article “Professor Mark Perry of Carpe Diem blog has been following this bubble closely”.  You can check out Mark’s […]

College Students not buying Textbooks!

1/3 of Seniors and 1/4 of Freshman Can’t Afford Textbooks According to a study, 1/3 of College Students are not buying Textbooks for their classes because they cannot afford to buy them.  That can’t be good for their grades.   We know that the cost of going to College is getting beyond the reach of […]

College Tips: Buying Cheap Textbooks Online

Trying to save a penny or just got out of budget to buy one of the most important supplies you need in college. The solution to this dilemma of yours is to search and buy online textbooks. But there is a lot of textbooks available online, the question is how would you get the best […]

Enhance your college student experience with Google Services

Recent interns and graduates working at Google have put together College Tips by Google to help college students utilize Google Services to improve the college experience.  These college tips are broken up into three main categories: 1) Prospective College Students This category is focused on helping anyone thinking about getting into college.  The tips start […]

Nebraska Book Company to close multiple college textbook stores

Nebraska Book Company (NBC) reports they are closing at least seven “off-campus” textbook bookstores: Florida Book Store, Gainesville, FL; Chattanooga Books, Chattanooga, TN; Madison Textbooks, Madison, WI; Spirit Shop, Lubbock, TX; Traditions Bookstore, College Station, TX; The College Store, Akron, OH; and GotUsed Bookstore, Pittsburgh, PA.  The named stores are to remain open for the […]